Corey Eastman

Former professional athlete and hustler at IBM, Rypple ( and Teehan+Lax (Facebook)

I’m a Growth Hustler.


Simply stated I’m a Business Development and New Growth Innovation consultant who specializes in working with creative service firms, specifically digital design and development firms in Toronto, Vancouver and San Francisco.

The Growth Hustler is a close relative to the Growth Hacker and exists to help agencies run more efficiently by adding an often missing element to the agency success equation = Hipster + Hacker + Hustler (credit to @reiinamoto)

My passion, which lies at the intersection of customer experience, emerging technology and business model generation, is to take a human centered approach to helping your organization innovate and grow.  The ultimate outcome of every engagement is focused on customer acquisition and top line revenue growth.

How this happens is part magic, part empirical experience (IBM, Rypple, Teehan+Lax) and part industry-leading knowledge that is influenced by experts such as Clay Christensen, Alex Osterwalder and Steve Blank.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more, please feel free to send me an email, follow me on Twitter @coreyeastman, connect on LinkedIn or call me on

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