Hashtag Holiday Cards

Don’t worry, this isn’t another typical holiday card. With 2014 in sight, I thought I would share a few experiences that have had an impact on me personally over the past year along with my best guesses into the future as it relates to business development growth and innovation. In no particular order, here we go:


Still waiting for someone to crack the code on business card innovation. I haven’t used them all year and don’t plan to start. Over the past couple of years location based discovery mobile applications such as highlight have helped us learn and capture basic contact information about new people near by. While Here On Biz provides a similar experience focused on business professionals. As we move into the new year, my hope is that LinkedIn will integrate one of these platforms or build something similar into their service.

Hashtag Holiday Cards
Hashtag Holiday Cards


The business model canvas and value proposition canvas have been paramount in helping to build my consulting practice over the past year. Alex Osterwalder and his team are modern day pioneers in strategic business tool design. They continue to transform strategy and innovation to become more of a profession like a doctor, accountant or architect. One of the ways they are tackling this vision is with Strategyzer, an online business model toolbox, built by an inspiring team right here in Toronto led by Alan and Dave. Going into 2014, keep your eye out for Alex’s new value proposition design book set to launch early in the year.


I’m a big fan of what’s happening to the education system and my good pals at eProf are tearing this up. The online focus is now moving away from the student towards the rise of the edu-preneur and edu-commerce. I’ve got my eye on Evan, Trevor and the eProf team in 2014 to make some big noise in this space.

If you haven’t jumped on the Coursera bandwagon yet, then you’re missing out. Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of taking a several complimentary courses including Model Thinking (thanks Blair) and Competitive Strategy from the University of Michigan and LMU respectively.

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In order to know where you’re going in 2014 you have to know where you’ve come from.  As we look forward, we can’t forget the past.

2013 has been filled with many highs, low points and necessary sacrifices. I’m thankful for so many people and experiences that it would be irresponsible to waste your time and list them all. Here are just a few:

I’m thankful for…

…Daniel Goleman teaching me about the importance of Emotional Intelligence

…my generous mentors, advisors and clients for their trust, and more importantly continuing to sacrifice their time and patience

…my soon to be wife, Natalie for always believing in me, even when I didn’t.

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