Proteins are the biomolecules that are compression of amino acids to characterize protein. Different tools were used to study the primary, secondary and tertiary structure. You can check BioAnalysis for the best services.

Best protein characterization service provider in India 

If you are also looking for a protein characterization service in India then CBA is best to consider. It is an enterprise at a venture centre Pune that is supported by National Biopharma Mission BIRAC ( Government of India) CBA offers characterization services that are aligned to ICH Q6B to deduce the physicochemical properties. 

We have listed the few services which are currently offered at CBA (centre for Biopharma analysis), Pune. 

Protein mass analysis using HRMS  

 This method is used for confirming the primary structure of the protein. It helps in providing the information for comparing and evaluating isoforms, glycoforms and molecules associated with protein. 

Peptide mapping using HRMS 

This technique is used for the primary structure of the protein. It is important for mapping and testing for structural characterization and confirmation. Peptides mapping can also help to identify the product-related impurities so it is a useful tool to check the similarities between innovator and biosimilar products. 

Host cell protein impurity identification    

HRMS is an orthogonal method for HCP; it does not depend on special reagents and helps in the sensitive detection of peptides accurately and faster. 

Aggregate/multimers analysis busing SEC-MALS

Aggregates that are present in drug products can adversely affect the patients and can induce immunogenic responses as per ICH Q6B aggregates include dimers and higher multiple of the desired products; these are generally resolved from the desired product and its related substances. 

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In a nutshell CBA (centre for Biopharma analysis) at venture center, Pune offers entire mass analysis. It offers you HCP analysis by MS analysis making use of nano-LC and front end and bottom-up approach. It also offers you secondary and tertiary structural analysis overall if we see it is a single destination for protein characterization, biosimilar services and bioanalytical services and many more to offer.

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