RAID0, RAID5, RAID10: What to Choose and When for a Seedbox?

There is a huge number of RAID levels we use contingent upon the seedbox administration you are searching for, RAID0, RAID5, RAID10. We have discussed this in the past as well, however here we need to give you simply a speedy blueprint. If you buying a Best SeedBox must check and buy the suitable RAID levels seedbox for you.


Most extreme execution, high adaptation to non-critical failure. Costly.

Raid 10

This is best when you need elite and dependability, however you are not very worried about the capacity limit and glad to exchange limit with respect to execution and unwavering quality. Additionally best for habitually evolving information. Our Dragon-R seedbox arrangement has this.


Great adaptation to internal failure, great read execution, yet restricted compose execution.

At the point when you have critical measure of information, however you are not changing that information habitually, perhaps once per month or less.

This is acceptable when you need both adaptation to non-critical failure, great cultivating execution with high limit however basically keep similar deluges running for a while. Our M10G arrangement utilizes this, an ordinary go-to answer for our administrations.


Most extreme execution and limit, positively no adaptation to internal failure what-so-ever.

This is best when your information is “expendable” type, what you can generally accomplish again with no issue and loss of the information is only a minor burden, best case scenario. This offers the best compose and read execution with most elevated limit, yet can’t endure any disappointments what-so-ever.

On the off chance that you need adaptation to internal failure, pick RAID5 or RAID10. Just our Value1000 and Managed DediSeebox (MDS) arrangement offers this, however on MDS you can change this to RAID5 or RAID10.

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RAID0 most economical/most limit, RAID5 is some place in the center, RAID10 generally costly/least limit. Same tradeoff for adaptation to non-critical failure and execution as swell.

For each to their own, and relying upon what you need a seedbox for there is a lot of decision.

This likewise applies to any worker decision, not simply seedboxes alone.

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